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BlueProximity on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I had a desktop I was using with Windows 10, until it kept overheating (at least that’s what I can only assume the blue screens were from after using SpeedFan and some other utilities to notice my temps were way above normal).  After trying to resolve the issue by replacing the monster graphics card, reseating (and applying thermal grease) to the CPU, and making sure all the fans were operating, I gave up.  This was a hand me down workstation, although a nice one, that my brother had been using […]

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Imagine creating and starting a new host in less than a second… matt@svr2:~$ date; sudo docker run -i -t -h container1 ubuntu date; sudo docker ps -a Tue Jul 29 15:57:54 EDT 2014 Tue Jul 29 19:57:54 UTC 2014 CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 54d30289be49 ubuntu:latest date Less than a second ago Exited (0) Less than a second ago grave_darwin Boom, done. The first date was displayed from the Ubuntu host OS. The second date was run inside the container. Sure beats virtualization for development work. And… […]

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Getting Data From Acu-Rite Internet Bridge

Here are some ideas on how to get data from the Acu-Rite Internet Bridge for the 5-in-1 weather station.  I was holding off posting this until the post was cleaned up but it has been in draft since June and that’s just too long.  I’ll go ahead and post the information.  Once I find some new information, I’ll post it as a separate article. Some useful links on how to interpret the data from the bridge: Windows .NET Access Data using Bash (there are also some Perl solutions mentioned in […]

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Repercussions of Being Leading Edge

Only a couple days before go time on an ISIM upgrade, I ran into an issue that was introduced in IBM’s latest fixpack at the time.  Unfortunately for my team, we were forced to upgrade to the latest fixpack due to some other issues that the fixpack resolves.  However, I knew there was a big risk of being on the leading edge. For those curious of the technical aspect, using IdentityPolicy.userIDExists within an Identity Policy is now broken in ISIM (FP3).  Rumor has it, a code change that was intended to improve performance broke […]

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IAM Upgrades

Major version upgrades on IBM security software has been occupying my life for the past few months.  Many of my friends have been wondering where I am, and I should refer them to SIM and SAM who could better answer that question.  Of course, just a few months ago it was TIM and TAM, but the bean counters over at IBM figured it made more sense to brand their IAM (Identity and Access Management) products as “Security” instead of using the “Tivoli” name. The trickiest part of the upgrades has been […]

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